Reflecting on the Past Year

With the New Year comes a chance to reflect on the past year, and this week’s blog post is no different. We’d like to take a moment to remember significant posts and events from last year and look forward to the next one. It’s also a time to pay tribute to those we lost the past year too. While our resolutions may or may not be successful, we can certainly review our victories over the last 365 +/- days.

2023 started with a blog post featuring the new AIA President (National) by Kendra Hage. New Year, New AIA President | Blueprint South Dakota The theme continued with a post about AIA Female Leadership AIA Female Leadership | Blueprint South Dakota and introducing SDSU School of Design’s Sean Ervin SDSU School of Design: Getting to Know Sean Ervin | Blueprint South Dakota. In February we talked about the Importance of Diversity in Design THE IMPORTANCE OF DIVERSITY IN DESIGN | Blueprint South Dakota, advocacy and AIA National opportunities.

In March, we celebrated with Allison Dvorak as she was recognized as one of the National Young Architect Award Recipients. We also looked at the History of Women in Architecture The HERstory of Women in Architecture | Blueprint South Dakota.

April showers brought updates from our friends at SDSU AIAS. A big thank you to those that contributed and organized the posts!

AIAS 2023 Midwest Quad Conference | Blueprint South Dakota AIAS 2023 Midwest Quad Conference

From the NOMA Student | Blueprint South Dakota

Vertical Building Studio: Student Perspective | Blueprint South Dakota

April 22, 2023 Happy Earth Day! | Blueprint South Dakota

Introducing High-performance buildings | Blueprint South Dakota

In May we looked at historic preservation. National Preservation Month | Blueprint South Dakota, Representing the Work of a Master in the National Register of Historic Places | Blueprint South Dakota, Why we care about historic buildings | Blueprint South Dakota

During the Summer, we saw posts from EAPC and celebrated Design in the Hills.

September was the State Convention, and there was an emphasis on the Say It Loud Exhibit at the Washington Pavilion.

I’d like to take a step back from all of the exciting things that happened this last year to pause and celebrate a life that was taken too soon. Katie Ashmore was a Business Developer for Schemmer who passed away March 5, 2023. She was a champion of the profession and people in general and is dearly missed. Her legacy continues as we honor her memory and as we continue to improve the community she loved.

Back to a lighter note, this year brought a group of newly licensed professionals! I am proud to say I was one of them!! What were your wins from the year? Let’s celebrate one another by adding yours to the comments!

It’s been a busy year, and I, for one, am looking forward to the exciting architecture in South Dakota coming in 2024!


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