Series: Representing Cities We Love

South Dakota cities collage

This is the inaugural post of series in which we ask community leaders about the community they live in and share their answers with you. We hear what their favorite spaces are in the city and why and what issues their city faces from their point of view. Our goal is to get a sense of South Dakota and the cities that make it up. We hope to have a variety of cities and perspectives of the same cities. By engaging community leaders, designers and communities can see the spaces in a city from a different perspective: the people that are making decisions.

More EP Friendly Firms Announced for the North Central States Region

The second round of application review for the NCSR Friendly Firm Award has been completed. The list of EP Friendly Firms continues to grow. If you would like your firm recognized you can still apply. Applicants simply need to have an office in the region, and have an AIA member firm principal and an AIA member emerging professional fill out and sign the form together.

The Architect’s Voice: AIA Advocacy Explained

The AIA has a dedicated portion of their website and organization for advocacy. In their words:
“AIA’s is the voice of architecture to legislators at the federal, state, and local level. Here you can engage your legislators and use AIA tools and resources to develop skills as an advocate to build power for architects.”

2019 AIA SD Honor Award – Passive House – SDSU DoArch

PROCESS: PH01:BRK is the most visible portion of the Passive House Initiative, an ongoing research project by the Department of Architecture at South Dakota State University to deliver high performance homes to the region that are faculty led, student designed, and contractor built. The initiative is seeking to become a regional leader and resource for …

BIM Data Utilization – Path of Travel Analyzer

by Iman Ebadi, Stone Group Architects The ongoing question in my mind is: How can BIM help us make educated decisions while designing buildings? I believe this tool is not only capable of performing existing tasks faster and easier, but it also opens doors to new opportunities. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is intended to be …

We Are All Builders

By Rebel Hurd, Church on the Street There are challenges when working with those living on the margins of society. There are challenges serving those who live on the margins of society. There are challenges walking alongside those struggling with homelessness and poverty on the margins of society. What might it look like, if, instead of looking through a lens of …

EP Friendly Firms – North Central States Region

by Katie Kangas The AIA North Central States Region proudly announced the first round of EP Friendly Firms during the 4th Annual EP Summit on October 5th, 2019. This award recognizes businesses that employ and support emerging professional architects (EPs) through four qualities: Providing Fair Compensation and Benefits Supporting Licensure Investing in Professional Development Actively …