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Welcome to Blueprint South Dakota, a blog created by architects in South Dakota to provide a forum for public conversations with citizens, city planners, developers, property owners, designers, public office holders and others. Through these conversations, we want to participate with the public and community leaders in the creation of vibrant, prosperous, beautiful and effective places to live, work and play in South Dakota. Please join us in conversing about design and planning issues in our state.

South Dakota Senate Bill 157: Cutting Red Tape on Rural Building

Here in South Dakota, our rules and regulations are minimal in comparison to most other states. If their intentions fit our needs, out of state businesses are not typically deterred by the public input process.



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Design Solutions for Winter Blues

While the groundhog gave us hope that Spring will come early this year, I found myself struggling with a lack of motivation lately; in part, because of the season. In South Dakota, we’ve grown accustomed to bearing cold dark winters and short days. It’s not just you: twenty percent of Americans experience either the winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). That being said, we are not forced to submit to the elements and anxiously wait for warmer temps and brighter days to come. There are strategies to combat SAD, and we can incorporate technologies into the spaces we retreat to in the winter.


Call to Action: “Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again”?

It was 8:49 on Tuesday evening when an email notification came across my phone. I was watching a movie but decided I’d see what the email had to say. It was from a colleague regarding an article in the Architectural Record. The article by Cathleen McGuigan (editor-in-chief of Architectural Record) was about a preliminary draft of an executive order rewriting the Guiding Principles for Federal Architecture (a document written by the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and issued in 1962 that mandates Federal architecture standards). According to Architectural Record, the new Guiding Principles will be rewritten and will be called “Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again.”


Myth Busted: Documents from Architect are not Direct Contractor Instructions

The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice explicitly addresses the limited content of the architect’s drawings this way: “It is important that all parties understand that construction documents are not intended to be a complete set of instructions on how to construct a building. Construction means, methods, techniques, sequences, procedures, and site safety precautions are customarily assigned as responsibilities of the contractor to give the contractor full latitude in preparing bids and carry out the construction phase.”


December 2019 ABI (Architecture Billings Index) & Planning for the Next Recession

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the market and predictions. Prepare for each possible scenario and react according to how things play out. Check out this month’s billing index from December 2019 to plan for the coming months. Architects, business leaders, public officials, and general public should all stay current on the economic condition. The ABI is an index that everyone should take a look at to stay informed.


AIA Members Attend City of Sioux Falls Planning & Development Services Open House

AIA South Dakota members joined others for updates from the City of Sioux Falls Planning & Development Services. The event was arranged by Sioux Falls Development Foundation. Mike Gray, with the Foundation, explained that connecting public and private entities is a priority for development. The morning began with breakfast and socializing.


Details Designers Notice

Image Credit: Watercolor of Villa d’Este Spring 2011 Liz Meyer I was waiting in the doctor’s office this morning in one of the exam rooms. I looked up at the ceiling and noticed the track for a curtain around the door. I saw diffusers (one supply and one return), a speaker, and a light fixture …


The Architect’s Voice: AIA Advocacy Explained

The AIA has a dedicated portion of their website and organization for advocacy. In their words:
“AIA’s is the voice of architecture to legislators at the federal, state, and local level. Here you can engage your legislators and use AIA tools and resources to develop skills as an advocate to build power for architects.”


Disaster Recovery. We’re on It!

With stories in Australia with wildfires and earthquakes in Puerto Rico scattered throughout my newsfeed, global disasters are top of mind. We live in an age of information and technology, and have access to current events at our finger tips. With that comes the ability to affect change and help the situations we’re reading about. There are many avenues to aid in relief efforts. It’s hard to know where to get involved. Fortunately, the AIA has a program that specializes in disaster assistance.

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