Self-Contained Cities: Hyperdense Arcologies of Urban Fantasy & Utopian Fiction

A portmanteau of “architecture” and “ecology”, the term “arcology” reflects a vision that high density can help foster sustainability.

The following article broadly outlines the origins of architectural thought as it relates to utopian conceptions of high-density urban environments…a possible inevitability, or merely an indulgent form of theoretical expression.

2 Replies to “Self-Contained Cities: Hyperdense Arcologies of Urban Fantasy & Utopian Fiction”

  1. 99% Invisible is a great podcast about design of all kinds, I enjoy a good listen on the regular. It’s hard to imagine urban density as a necessity in the Midwest but loads of energy is expended to extend infrastructure like sewers, water, electricity, roads (Highway 100) and services like police and fire protection, as well as day in and day out traffic from place to outstretched place.The future is not fully predictable, but in some ways is becoming more clear that alternative ways of thinking about and designing our Midwest cities is necessary.

  2. I love 99% Invisible. Thank you for sharing. I agree with Stacey that we should be thinking alternatively about how we design infrastructure. I work with a few communities that are challenged by maintaining aging infrastructure for their citizens at the same time that their tax base is shrinking. It is a challenge. A creative approach to infrastructure would benefit many communities over the long-term.

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