SAY IT LOUD – NOW Virtual Exhibition Submissions Due

Diversity in South Dakota matters. Representation matters. Please consider submitting for the following exhibition! The non-profit group, Beyond the Built Environment is calling for architectural design submissions from diverse architectural designers for the SAY IT LOUD – NOW Virtual Exhibition! Submission: September 1, 2020 11:59pm EST 50.00 USD Announcement of the winners: Weekly SUBMISSION: One …

AIA Publishes K-12 Architecture Resources

The AIA National has added a new feature to their website. The organization reviews K-12 architecture resources and activities and posts them on their website. There are activities, videos, interactive programs, and career information. My favorite is #askanarchitect that directs you to youtube and features several interviews.

Disaster Recovery. We’re on It!

With stories in Australia with wildfires and earthquakes in Puerto Rico scattered throughout my newsfeed, global disasters are top of mind. We live in an age of information and technology, and have access to current events at our finger tips. With that comes the ability to affect change and help the situations we’re reading about. There are many avenues to aid in relief efforts. It’s hard to know where to get involved. Fortunately, the AIA has a program that specializes in disaster assistance.

AIA National, Where we stand: Climate change

Within the last few years, AIA National worked to continue to “advance our nation’s quality of life and protect the public’s health, safety and welfare,” by creating priorities based on AIA’s legislative goals for the 115th Congress. These priorities were driven from the feedback of thousands of AIA members, and a call to action was …

AIA Film Challenge

The AIA Film Challenge of 2019 invited architects and filmmakers to collaborate to share stories of architects and civic leaders working together to create resilient and sustainable communities. Participants were asked to produce a three to five minute documentary style film showcasing their Blueprint for Better story for the chance to win prizes and receive …