What if… ?

Submitted by Jody Titze, PE

Shaking hands is no longer an option, yet we continue to find new ways to interact. We are learning to become better listeners, as eye contact and body language is not easily understood online.  We are forced to reimagine designs to better serve the recent needs of the occupants.

Did it take a pandemic for us to step out of complacency and strive to look for new solutions? 

What if your schools saved taxpayers’ money by reducing or eliminating their energy bills? 

What if your school board took a risk and pushed the design team to step away from their standard designs to pursue it? 

What if, together, they successfully achieved a net-zero energy building using a different construction method than their norm? 

Wouldn’t you be curious? 

What if you took the time to learn more? 

This is your invitation to the Concrete Credentials podcast episode:  Why Net-Zero Is Possible with Concrete

This scenario is more than possible.  It has been done.

We can continue to push ourselves to improve the safety and efficiency of our buildings, beyond code minimums.

We can learn from the experiences of building owners, developers, and our peer design professionals.

The conversations have started.  Are you listening?

Photo/Case Study Link:  Richardsville Elementary School, Architectural Firm: Sherman-Carter-Barnhart

Concrete Credentials, a new podcast hosted by NRMCA Executive Vice President Gregg Lewis, AIA, LEED AP, offers the perspectives of building owners, architects, developers, and industry experts who share their building and real-time project experiences.  It can be found wherever you source your podcasts or at www.buildwithstrength.com/concrete-credentials/

Jody Titze, PE – Jody is a licensed civil engineer, currently residing in Sioux Falls, SD.  She enjoys hiking, biking, building, dogs & #concrete.

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