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Remembering the AIA South Dakota Members We Lost in 2019

Jeff Hazard, AIA (24 August 1955- 30 August 2019)

Jeff attended Washington Senior High (Sioux Falls) before attending University of Kansas and University College, London. Graduating with a Bachelor of Environmental Design with highest distinction. He went on to study at the University of Illinois where he earned Master of Architecture and Master of Business Administration degrees. Jeff served as a Healthcare Project Architect (and later Director) for nine years at Kaplan, McLaughlin, Diaz, before being asked by his father to return to Sioux Falls to help out at Koch Hazard Architects. He joined the firm in 1988 and, with a talented, dedicated team, built a great practice on an already solid foundation by producing thoughtful architecture projects at a variety of scales, approaching each design with an earnest inquiry into the character of a project’s purpose, place and personality.

Jeff’s work with Koch Hazard has been recognized at the local, state and national levels. Nearly 50 projects have been recognized by juries of national and regionally acclaimed architects through the AIA South Dakota Design Awards program. His preservation work spans the state, but can be most clearly seen in downtown Sioux Falls. Koch Hazard Architects has completed over 40 preservation projects in downtown, mostly designed and overseen by Jeff.

Jeff’s leadership in the profession and community included putting his creative skills to work building innovative organizations and events to elevate architecture and the industry of design in the state. In addition to building innovative organizations, Jeff served on over 30 public or non-profit boards or committees over his career. Under Jeff’s leadership, Koch Hazard was one of four firms to found the Architecture Department (DoArch) at SDSU.

Jeff was a member of AIA South Dakota from 1988 until his passing. He served as the President of the organization from 2000-2001. Jeff believed AIA South Dakota serves a role in educating the public on the importance of working with an architect and the role architecture plays within the community. He also thought it is AIA South Dakota’s responsibility to cultivate an environment where architects and designers are encouraging one another to raise the bar for design in South Dakota. Jeff also advocated for submitting projects to the AIA South Dakota Design Awards program and appreciated the program for the awareness they bring to clients and their efforts, and the insight gained from regional and national jurors.

“I have known Jeff Hazard almost the whole time he was back in South Dakota and considered him a friend.  I watched him subtly change the culture of a well-established firm.  His design sensibility, honed in California, raised the bar for what was good, resulting in many award-winning projects that changed the built environment of South Dakota. But I most admire him for his personal investment in Sioux Falls, buying and renovating historic buildings. He influenced the development of downtown design standards, helping to revitalize the downtown to the vibrant community we find today. He is already missed.” – Sandy Dickenson, AIA

Jeff Hazard Obituary

Steven Pedersen, AIA (30 June 1958 – 11 August 2019)

Steve attended Sheldon High School (Sheldon, IA) before attending Iowa State University. He took several breaks during college and worked for his father at Pedersen Standard Oil and Siouxland Ophthalmic Laboratories. Steve eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from ISU. He then worked for several architectural firms in Sioux Falls and in North Dakota, before opening his own business, By Design, LLC in Sioux Falls.

Steve had two projects recognized by AIA South Dakota: Harrisburg High School received an Honor Award in 2004 and the Southeast Technical Institute Health Sciences Building received a Merit Award in 1995. He was a long-time member of AIA South Dakota, AIA National, and was a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional.

“Steven Pedersen was an architect with a focus on getting it right.  He was detail oriented and always put his client’s concerns ahead of his own.  He was an excellent team player and was always reliable, but did not like to take credit for accomplishments.  He loved a challenging design problem and enjoyed working through h every last detail until the solution was just right.” – Sean Ervin, AIA

Steve Pedersen Obituary

John Engelhardt, AIA (8 July 1949 – 22 July 2019)

John was born in Urbana, IL, and grew up in Champaign, IL; graduating with honors from the University of Illinois School of Architecture in 1972. During that time, he also studied abroad in Versailles, France. He later attended Cranbrook Academy of Arts in MI, graduating with a Master’s degree in Architecture in 1977. John and his wife Reta traveled throughout Europe together, living and working in London, England.

Upon returning to the States, John worked for architecture firms throughout the country, eventually becoming the owner of Architectural Guild LLC in Sioux Falls. John believed that art and architecture should be combined in order to create the best design possible for a space. He designed for churches, private businesses, education and industrial institutions, residences, medical offices and financial institutions.

“John Engelhardt was a people person.  He loved working with clients that he could become great friends with at the same time.  This personal approach made him especially adept at anticipating an Owner’s needs.  He knew the right design approach that could help the owner to their final goals, and could help authorities to see their collective point of view.” – Sean Ervin, AIA

John Engelhardt Obituary

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