AIA Film Challenge

The AIA Film Challenge of 2019 invited architects and filmmakers to collaborate to share stories of architects and civic leaders working together to create resilient and sustainable communities. Participants were asked to produce a three to five minute documentary style film showcasing their Blueprint for Better story for the chance to win prizes and receive exposure on AIA’s online channels.

Sixty-eight films were submitted from across the country, covering design and communities around the world, but as far as I can tell, none were submitted from South Dakota (please let me know if i missed something). I, for one, have no idea how I would go about creating a film, but I know there are architects in this state with the interest and resources to attempt a project like this.

This competition was looking for how we work together to create resilient and sustainable communities. Having recently attended the South Dakota AIA convention with this year’s theme of Resiliency, I think we might have stories worth sharing. Living in a land which, to my great disdain, is commonly referred to as ‘flyover country,’ should we be taking opportunities like this to share about the things happening here? Is it important to have validation from the rest of the country that what we are doing is important and worthwhile, or is it okay for us just to focus inward and on doing our best in our communities? Do we do anything really well in South Dakota that could help communities elsewhere?

Check out the submitted films and winners at .

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