Great Spaces, Great Places: 1 Great Year, 100 Great Posts.

A little over a year ago, a group of AIA South Dakota members banded together to create a virtual space for public outreach to “build strong South Dakota communities and to connect ideas and expertise to address challenges in our state.”

First post!

As the AIA South Dakota Communications board liaison, I wanted to take a moment to thank our sponsors, Pigott, ACEI and Pella for helping to make this blog possible! I also wanted to recognize the Communications committee and their tenacity to tackle the incredible task of creating two (2!) pieces of content weekly that follow our mission:

“To provide a forum for public conversations with citizens, city planners, developers, property owners, designers, public office holders and others. Through these conversations, we want to participate with the public and community leaders in the creation of vibrant, prosperous, beautiful and effective places to live, work and play in South Dakota.”

This committee has spent countless hours discussing and reviewing content as well as defining processes and guidelines for this blog.  They have also created an open environment in our monthly meetings reflective of the blog’s mission to effectively and sensitively present public issues while representing the South Dakota chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) organization.

The final person I would like to thank is Angela Lammers, our AIA SD Executive Director. Angela has continuously gone above and beyond to assist with every need we have had from creating this website, hosting the domain, coordinating content, reading through posts for content and grammar about 5 minutes before they are posted (architects love deadline pressure, sorry Angela!) and the list goes on… Without her, this blog would not exist.

Within this year, we have been able to discuss issues facing our communities by showcasing the architect’s specialized skill set to leave a positive mark on our communities.

A few of our highlights this year are as follows:

  • Continued growth in subscribers — many from various communities in South Dakota as well as regional subscribers!
  • Named a National award winning blog (AIA Component EXCEL Programs and Best Practices award)
  • Increased publicity with local media
  • Further opportunities to speak with change makers in our state
  • Posts that feature experts outside the architectural field as they work with design issues in their communities

Check out some of our top “hits” from the last year!

Issues facing South Dakota Communities:

Design Awards:

South Dakota Focus

Thank you for your continued support of AIA South Dakota’s blog, Blueprint South Dakota.  Please share with your friends, family, and colleagues and subscribe as we continue the conversation of design within our state and our communities!

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