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In January of this year, a group of citizens were appointed by Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken to create a study group which has meet monthly to evaluate the current conditions and future potential of the Denny Sanford Premier Center Campus. This group, which includes two AIA South Dakota architects, Jared Nesje from TSP and Tom Hurlbert from CO-OP Architecture, have been tasked with evaluating future use and function of the Arena, parking, additional onsite uses, as well as transportation connections to downtown and other attractions.

Last Tuesday, the Events Campus Study Group launched a public input survey of the existing Denny Sanford Premier Center Campus. Public input is crucial to the development of our cities, and when there is a chance to add your input to how spaces are currently used and should continued to be developed, please take it!

These types of the public outreach are not only beneficial to those who live, work and play in Sioux Falls, but also to those who travel to take part in the many events held on this campus.

Click here: to fill out the survey. This survey will close June 17 with results being presented to the Events Campus Study Group the following week.

Check out the City of Sioux Falls news release for more information.

Cover image taken from Denny Sanford Premier Center website.

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  1. I was a bit dismayed at how leading some of the questions were. Full disclosure, I voted “no” for the Denny because of its location (would’ve been a big fat yes if downtown). In regards to the questions, I marked parking as “poor” not because there isn’t enough, but because it is a giant parking lot that sits empty 80%-90% of the time, however, there were limited spots to add your own thoughts/narrative other than what you thought was good about the campus. Still important to be heard though, so the intent of the survey is good, but execution… I still remember the first thing my statistics teacher said to the class in high school is that statistics lie…

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