An open Letter to Blueprint South Dakota’s Committee

Dear Blueprint South Dakota Committee,

I wanted to thank you for approaching the Sioux Falls Arts Council to host the Blueprint South Dakota blog for a second time. Back in October of 2020 we had the opportunity to host the blog and used that time to explore the many intersections between the arts and architecture. Photography, public art and designing for performances spaces were just a few of the topics we touched on. As we continue the conversation it is necessary to talk about the administrative and advocacy side of the arts.

As we strive to make South Dakota a “State of Create”, we must focus on all aspects.  Not only the aesthetic of the output from our creative community but the structure in which it is built upon. Much like that of a building, each component is important for the next to be able to work systematically and most hidden from sight of the occupants. These components can include policies and ordinances, budget allocations, communication and coordination among arts entities and advocacy work both on the city and state level.

It is our hope to encourage your readers to peek behind the curtain, learn and understand the inner workings of our complex arts ecosystem and those moving it forward. So, please enjoy the journey of exploration and thank you again for supporting the arts!

Best Regards,

Kellen Boice
Executive Director
Sioux Falls Arts Council

Kellen Boice was born and raised in Sioux Falls, SD.  She graduated in 2000 from Roosevelt High School where she excelled in Marketing, Photography, Theatre and Graphic Art. Following high school, she started working full-time as a studio photographer for Harold’s Photo Center and freelancing weddings and seniors portraits. From 2004 – 2007 Kellen attended the Art Institute of Phoenix,  graduating with a BA in Advertising. After graduation, she started work as a marketing representative and in-house graphic designer for a master-planned community in Peoria, AZ. In 2011 she moved back to Sioux Falls to be closer to family and in 2014 started her role as Executive Director for the Sioux Falls Design Center where she worked hosting events to support and elevate the design community. November of 2019, she left the Design Center and started as the Executive Director for the Sioux Falls Arts Council. Additionally, Kellen is Vice Chair of the Visual Arts Commission for the City of Sioux Falls is an inaugural member of the Dakota State University Digital Arts and Design Advisory Board for 2021-22, board member for the Friends of McKennan Park Neighborhood Association and sits on the Sioux Falls School Districts Fine Arts Steering Committee 2022 -2024.

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