AIASD: Continuing Education

Like many professional positions, Architects in the state of South Dakota stay up to date with industry information by completing continuing education.

The South Dakota Board of Technical Professions is the entity that ensures that Architects log the proper amount and type of CE.

Licensed Architects in South Dakota are responsible for earning 30 professional development hours during each two years of licensure. Up to 10 of those hours can be earned in professional management subjects and the remainder must be technical subjects.

A PDH (Professional Development Hours) log must be turned in by each professional when their license is set for renewal to ensure compliance.

Architects often utilize different avenues to reach these continuing education requirements. Building tours often provide credit. Interactive online courses and classes help keep Architects up to date as well.

The South Dakota AIA chapter does an excellent job at offering credits through local, relevant events across our state.

In 2021, SD AIA offered 19 credit hours through the various events that they host.

Design in the Hills was a 1 ½ day event in Deadwood, Spearfish, and Rapid City in July.
Participants could earn 8 units within that short amount of time.

The Annual AIASD Convention was a 2 day event in Sioux Falls in September.
Over 11 credits could be earned at that event.

AIASD also hosts various events throughout the year that offer additional leaning units such as SDSU DoArch Day in April and building tours.

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