GO DESIGN: Foregrounding the Metro

This summer architects, artists, designers, students, and community members participated in the Sioux Falls Design Center’s GO DESIGN bus stop and shelter design competition. The competition encouraged visions of what sustainable, functional, and creative bus shelters and stops could look like for the Sioux Falls community. As part of the larger GOING METRO project, it served as phase 3 in a series of events hoping to facilitate creative conversations about transportation as the City of Sioux Falls seeks to innovate its transit system.

This post is the seventh in a series, featuring the submissions to the GO METRO competition.

Project Name: Foregrounding the Metro

Team Member: Brian K. Lee

A modular and adaptable bench prototype served as inspiration for both seating and shelter. A full-scale mockup was featured in the Pecha-Kucha presentation exhibit (also serving as seating for the event).

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