GO DESIGN: Augustana University

This summer architects, artists, designers, students, and community members participated in the Sioux Falls Design Center’s GO DESIGN bus stop and shelter design competition. The competition encouraged visions of what sustainable, functional, and creative bus shelters and stops could look like for the Sioux Falls community. As part of the larger GOING METRO project, it served as phase 3 in a series of events hoping to facilitate creative conversations about transportation as the City of Sioux Falls seeks to innovate its transit system.

This post is the eighth in a series, featuring the submissions to the GO METRO competition.

Team Name: Augustana University Art Students

Team Members: Scott Parsons (professor), Ailin Montgomery, Rachel Bachman, Brady Umberger, Stacey Evangelista, Lauryn Van Regenmorter, Alexa Lammers, Camryn Bird, Victoria Tatsumi

Students took on this project in the advanced drawing course at Augustana last spring as a class assignment. Going Metro was such an exciting call for the Sioux Falls community, and it was a wonderful opportunity for the drawing students to gain some experience in submitting their work to an actual call for proposals. As an artist and professor, Scott Parsons has always adhered to the idea Ben Shahn put forward; that the public function of art is always to create community, so he walked the students through a series of exercises involving matters that were important to the students, site research, surveying other public art and transportation solutions, etc. What came out of all that are the proposals showcased below.

Hive Connection – Ailin Montgomery

Sioux Falls in 1000 Words – Rachel Bachman

Connecting the Land – Brady Umberger

Comfort of the Big Sioux – Lauryn Van Regenmorter

Cutout Bus Stop – Stacey Evangelista

A Pause in Flight – Alexa Lammers

Reel Destinations – Camryn Bird

Waiting on a Shooting Star – Victoria Tatsumi

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  1. I have been following these concepts from the first presentation. Every one is based on a unique reach into our social and physical existence, and each elicates another unique response within me. Love this GOING METRO project approach to community design!!!

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