2020 Design in the Hills Recap

The un-conference Design in the Hills event was certainly a change for the committee and the architects in the area who have enjoyed our annual gathering. We hope that everyone has enjoyed the trip down memory lane as we recapped each year of Design in the Hills since 2011 via Blueprint South Dakota blogposts throughout the month of July. On behalf of the committee, we want to extend our greatest thank you to our sponsors for making this year’s virtual platform a possibility. We appreciate the agility to adapt as we brainstormed the possibilities for this year and patience as we navigated a different approach to celebrating the built environment.

This year’s partnership with Black Hills and Badlands Tourism was a unique collaboration to engage the design community and members from the public with a theme of the built environment.

The first contest was a “Where is it Wednesday” challenge using a photo of the Main Street Square project while it was under construction. This project was toured during the first Design in the Hills event in 2011. The winner of the “Where is it Wednesday” was Rita Frantz.

The final contest was a Fan Photo Friday photography contest with a theme of the built environment. The winner of the photo contest was Eden Bhatta (The Tainted Tripod) with an incredible photograph of the Neowise Comet over the Crazy Horse Monument®. Check out their Facebook page for behind the scenes of hours spent to capture this incredible photograph: https://www.facebook.com/thetaintedtripod/.

As we close 2020 Design in the Hills, we want to thank Black Hills and Badlands Tourism for their teamwork to make these contests possible. We thank our sponsors and members who had great patience as we adapted to engage the community in a non-traditional manner in celebrating the built environment. We hope to see you in 2021 for the 10-year anniversary event!

Design in the Hills sponsors

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