2018 AIA SD Convention underway

The 2018 South Dakota AIA convention began this morning with an insightful mayoral panel discussion on the challenges facing our growing cities and how architects will play a crucial role in the planning and design effort.

A comment that struck me came from Spearfish Mayor Dana Boke: a great project can be derailed by a single phone call to a city councilor.  It is incumbent on citizens to be proactive and make time to show support for the projects that will advance our communities.  This is especially true for citizen architects, for projects that impact the built environment.

I for one took this to heart, and look forward to the next opportunity to engage my local representative when a promising project is under review by the city council.

If you attended the mayoral panel or another session today, please comment on the issues that resonated with you.

Feature photo of mayors speaking on AIA panel by Cipher Imaging

3 Replies to “2018 AIA SD Convention underway”

  1. Mayor Boke’s call to step up and lead – to volunteer and speak up on what we are experts in was eye-opening. Mayor TenHaken reminding us to step in front of developments and be vocal and about the value they bring to our community and not just about the aesthetic and technical details was also refreshing.

  2. Mayor Boke’s comment spoke volumes to truth. I have had projects on both sides of that single call. Just when I thought all was going smoothly, a person who did not understand any of the issues deep-sixed the project by making up an “alternate” fact and selling it without debate. Alternately, I was able to get in front of a similar attempt and cause it to be aired publicly, defusing the issue.
    Whenever you think “they”, look in a mirror and change that to “I”; then go be the “they” you want remember for the right reason.

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