Say It Loud: South Dakota Submissions Live

In collaboration with Beyond the Built Environment and Pascale Sablan, FAIA, a local collection of South Dakota design professionals across the built environment are excited to announce submissions are now LIVE for this fall’s SAY IT LOUD: South Dakota exhibit, an exhibition elevating the contributions of women and diverse architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, planners, contractors, material suppliers, artists, students and academics in South Dakota.


My first encounter with Beyond the Built Environment was through the SAY IT LOUD: NOW virtual exhibit in 2020. I was inspired by Pascale Sablan’s passion to provide a program focused on elevating diverse designers within the design industry in a time of isolation and social unrest. Since then, I have been dedicated to bringing this exhibit to South Dakota to celebrate the diversity of the design industry that impacts the built environment within our state.

Historically, our industry celebrates the singular design architect whose aesthetic design is beyond imagination, but not much attention goes to the block chain of teams dedicated to translating sketches into construction documents and field decisions.

Working at various firms throughout my career, I have seen the efforts of so many in the creation of our communities throughout South Dakota, and am excited to invite those to contribute to the exhibit!

Join Allison in submitting to be featured in the exhibit with link below:
Say It Loud South Dakota Submissions Live

The concept of this exhibit is “To see our faces, hear our voices, feel our impact within the colorful tapestry of our heritage.” SAY IT LOUD is the activation of an international movement of sharing, protecting and celebrating the journey of the underrepresented to inspire the next generation.

The 2023 SAY IT LOUD: South Dakota exhibition will kick off September 24th at the Washington Pavilion.  During the exhibit, there will be continued lectures scheduled with design professionals to share their stories of leadership, advocacy and passion for the built environment to the future design professionals of our communities.


  • Submission period  May 22, 2023 – August 15, 2023
  • Selected Design Professionals Announced: September 2023


  • Applicants are required to live and/or work in South Dakota and be women or BIPOC designer, who have a significant role in the submitted project. 
  • Projects submitted for consideration may be located outside of South Dakota.
  • Women (She, Her) (female or transgender) of any ethnicity and Black, Indigenous, Person of Color
  • Built / Unbuilt Work 

​We strongly encourage submissions that reflect a broad and inclusive definition of design excellence. Each entry is judged for the success with which it has met its individual requirements. Submissions must exhibit design achievement that demonstrates exemplary skill and creativity in the resolution and integration of formal, functional, and technical requirements, including ecological stewardship and social responsibility. Submissions should also reflect a strong sense of place, history, and purpose.

​Our industry is a profession in which design capability is prized and intellectual property is the most common proof of worth, in terms of talent and experience. Contemporary practice is by its nature collaborative. The more complex the project, or the more prolonged the design and construction process, the more individuals may lay valid claim to credit for some part of the work.

​Please comply with the AIA Code of Ethics for credit and attribution below.


  • Featured in the SAY IT LOUD – South Dakota exhibition that will debut in September 2023
  • Your Name, business or work will be promoted by SAY IT LOUD in publications, on websites and social media.
  • Your Profile will be included in the Great Diverse Designers Library. 
  • All those selected will be considered for future SIL Exhibitions.

Video Feature:

The first 20 submissions will be entered into a drawing for five free video features. Video features are available to all submission entries who designate a sponsor or otherwise pay Beyond the Built Environment’s video fee directly.

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