November Takeover

Happy November 4th to all you faithful readers.

As has been tradition for a few years now, I have the privilege of hosting this blog for the next month. For me, that usually means a take-over, where you are mercilessly barraged with my musings, random thoughts about design, and my momentary excitements/re-shares from the realm of architectural social media. And now that we’ve begun to get to know one another a bit over the years, I figured it was actually time for an introduction. Not an introduction of myself, per se, but an introduction for the month.

For that introduction, I offer as Exhibit A the cover photo for this post (scroll up). This is a photo of the “back” of my desk, in its current state (that is, as of October 29th). We just completed a desk-decorating contest in the office, and my entry features quite prevalently in the image. If you know, you know. Also, as is probably obvious, I didn’t win. This entry, and some other elements in the photo, may offer you glimpses into what I hope to write about and share this month. That said, don’t read into things too much – this ain’t no DaVinci Code (i.e. don’t take anything I have to say too seriously). I do have a magnet featuring Agent 86 on my metal shelving, after all (again, IYKYK).

So that all said; sit back, enjoy, and comment if you dare! Truly though, I’m excited to be your host, and I hope you enjoy the content this month. Outside of my content, some more sophisticated material by more sophisticated authors may make an appearance, so we certainly have plenty in store for you!

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