2012 Design in the Hills – Rapid City & Hill City


2012 was the year to study “Transformations” in Rapid City.  2011 saw the beginnings of Main Street Square under construction. In 2012 we did a follow-up tour of the completed Square plaza and the adjacent building renovations of The Shops at Main Street Square.  The former parking lot and empty buildings were transformed into a center for the community.

The existing 23-year old Rapid City Regional Airport terminal transformation required a reimaging and overlay of a completely different operation onto an outdated facility.  Fundamental to this change was to develop a design which would provide to the traveler a sense of arrival and adventure in connection with the significant landscape and culture of the Black Hills region. We toured the completed facility, which also included a major Public Art mural installation.  Rapid City artist James Van Nuys presented the 100-ft. long mural and discussed the design concept, architectural consideration, choice of material, and project execution challenges.

Designed outdoor spaces are an integral component of the Built Environment.   Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park in Rapid City is the nation’s premier example of a private entity creating a back-country biking and hiking experience in an urban environment. Professional trail designers for HLMP Board toured a bit of the park’s more unique features, including prehistoric petroglyphs.     

Local artist Dick Termes is internationally known for his spherical paintings, “Termespheres”, which typically depict famous architecture and interiors as well as imaginary worlds. Dick provided a hands-on workshop for attendees to learn six-point perspective drawing.

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