AIA Architectural Media Scan

By Matt Tinder

The AIA Media Scan is a daily email sent to AIA members and leaders showcasing 3-5 recent news pieces about architecture or issues impacting architecture.

How it started
As the publishing industry evolved at the beginning of this century, issues discussed in the media had an ever-growing impact on the way the AIA communicated with the world.  The AIA Media Scan was developed in 2006 as a way for members of the communications team at AIA National to stay abreast of the topics impacting the profession, helping to inform their media relations and public relations efforts.

How it grew
The value of the efforts with the media scan were quickly realized beyond including only the communications personnel at AIA National. In 2007, the AIA Media Scan was expanded to any AIA related personnel or volunteer leader as a way to better understand the hot topics being discussed within the profession. Just as quickly as the publishing industry turned from print pages, the influence of online and digital media grew, creating a non-stop, 24-hour news cycle, even within industry trade publications. The immediacy of the content in the media scan assists readers in whatever AIA or architecture related business they are tasked with.  From newly released reports and data, to the latest trends in architectural design and practice, having an awareness of how and what the architecturally focused media is covering will improve the outcome. Conversely, the media scan provides an opportunity to showcase how news outlets with general public audiences cover design and architecture.

The emergence of social media has added to this endless supply of media content, further requiring the need for round-the-clock monitoring as it’s not uncommon to see a discussion on social media garner its own media coverage.

Fueling social media
Though keeping AIA leaders and members up to speed with the issues impacting the profession was the primary goal of the media scan, the content included has helped countless AIA chapters develop and maintain their own social media audiences.  Just as news outlets cover topics being discussed on social media, social media platforms are an excellent place to share trending topics impacting the profession.  Though social media audiences vary from platform to platform, sharing interesting news on social media is a great way to increase online engagement.

Sharing best-practices
As more and more AIA chapters prioritize their public awareness efforts, the need grows for a better understanding of how local media outlets cover architecture.  The AIA Media Scan has served as an excellent mechanism to highlight AIA chapters that have been successful in garnering positive media coverage showcasing the value architects bring to the community – like this South Dakota Public Radio piece. By highlighting this success, other AIA chapters may be encouraged to seek this kind of media visibility by developing their own public awareness efforts.

Today’s links include:

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If you are interested in receiving the AIA Media Scan, please email Matt Tinder;

Matt Tinder, Sr. Manager, Media Relations

Since joining AIA National in 2006, Matt’s efforts have focused on communicating with the media.  In addition to drafting and distributing AIA press material, Matt handles incoming media inquiries; from finding an architect who can address school design to the AIA’s position on climate change.  Matt produces the AIA Media Scan, a daily email with a round up of architecture related news links.  Matt also works with AIA components, providing tools and insights to help them execute their own publicity efforts.  Matt came to the AIA from the public relations firm Finn Partners in New York City where he served as an account executive in the company’s technology practice.  Prior to that he interned at Baltimore public relations firm Warschawski, working with consumer clients Under Armour and Dewalt.  Matt graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. 

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  1. Matt, thank you for all the excellent work you perform on behalf of AIA members and the architecture profession. We greatly appreciate you here in South Dakota, and know that sentiment is shared around the globe.

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