Architects in Space

My initial plan for today didn’t come together, so a quick, shareable, fluffy video post is on tap instead; One of my favorite designers, illustrates how, at the core, an architect’s skill set is valuable outside of the regular realm of professional practice – in this instance specifically, in regards to “systems” thinking at a galactic scale.

What other areas of society can an Architect’s skill sets be of use, outside of the typical lanes of the (earthly) built environment? How can an architect’s skill set help inform our “Galactic Destiny?”

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  1. Agreed. There are so many directions to take your specific skills as a designer and apply them outside of traditional practice. Depending on a designer’s specific interests and skills I think there is room for architects to adapt and contribute to many fields! There are many examples of this when people changed careers during the 2008 economic crisis. They turned to entrepreneurship, construction, real estate, marketing, graphic design, set design, computer graphics, website design, and much more. Or, you can also be very happy working as an architect! The secret sauce is critical thinking.

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