AFFORDABLE HOUSING | A cyclic conversation without resolution  

  With rapid population growth developers, designers, contractors, and finance are at work to provide adequate housing supply. Housing is required to facilitate the recruitment and retention of the influx of the workforce. Yes, housing is in high demand. Yes, we need to accommodate the influx. But – are we planning for the long-term impact …

Vertical Building Studio: Student Perspective

“Building Studio is a vertical building design studio offered to 2,3,4 and 5-yr students every spring. Students study and produce detailed material and structural characteristics of architectural elements (foundation, wall, floor, roof, opening, etc) – connected to different types of construction systems. The semester begins from the specific, in order to draw design depth from …

From the NOMA Student

Some of the most rewarding experiences can be found through the effort of organizing. Interorganizational interactions are one such engagement in the process of organizing. The NOMAS at SDSU students’ experiences are contextualized through inter-organizational interactions within the city of Brookings, the human capital constructs of the South Dakota Board of Regents, and the rare …


I would recommend visiting the Chapel in the Hills when you’re in the area and considering it for your nuptial destination. We will look back fondly on our wedding day and the place that made it extra special. What a cool cultural replica right in our backyard!

Graduating in the face of a Pandemic

On Friday, May 8th at 5:30 pm, I joined 80+ friends, family, faculty, area professionals, and graduates for SDSU DoArch’s 2020 Graduation Ceremony via zoom. There was an informal sense as Brian Rex, Department Head and Associate Professor, pointed out a few people reclining as they watched.

Film and Architecture

In a profession that has multiple answers for every problem, having a means to use analytical data in your design almost seems like a cheat code to success. Film has benefited from the same the concept that this idea rests so firmly on; human curiosity. My interest in how our environment influences our attentiveness turned me towards videography. What if your environment is a screen in front of you? Publishing websites like YouTube and Vimeo both have integrated analytics that break down things like “average user watch time” and “retention rate.” While these terms seem outlandish when put into juxtaposition with the design of our built environment, they are used in the same way serial vision is implemented in architecture. Every videographer’s goal is to create something that holds the viewers’ attention through the ending. Most of us know what it’s like to watch the first 30 seconds of a video only to stop watching because it didn’t interest us.