SDSU College of Design: Getting to Know Kenneth R. Lewno

Last (and certainly not least) for the SDSU College of Design series is Kenneth R. Lewno, Architectural Lab Manager, who has held the position since July of 2022.

Though new to SDSU, Lewno is a South Dakota native and has lived around Brookings for the last 30+ years. He has spent these years in manufacturing; holding positions in research and development, fabrication, and taking on leadership/training roles. With a university not too far from home, Lewno had the opportunity to earn his undergraduate degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Technology and a master’s degree in Operation Management at SDSU all while continuing his manufacturing experience. Within a few years of graduating, he stepped in as a Temporary Instructor for the SDSU Physics Department before landing the sweet Shop Manager gig for the College of Design in 2022.  

Kenneth R. Lewno

Outside of the shop, whether it be at SDSU or elsewhere, Lewno might be spotted out and about, traveling with his wife (most likely somewhere in Europe). I have derived, however, that as a true maker at heart, the place you will really most likely find him is at home in his own shop.

Though he is new to the “world of architecture”, with the 30+ years of manufacturing experience under his belt, Lewno has turned out to be a great resource for the students in design. In turn, he has a new-found joy himself (describing it as a “dream come true”) in mentoring others and helping them make their ideas come to light. Always eager to dive in and soak up as much information as possible, Lewno hopes to always continue learning while mentoring, explore new ideas, and adjust his processes as necessary to better understand the built environment and the roles that architects have in it.

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