Architectural Abbreviations

Has anyone else noticed the abundance of firm names containing initials within the architecture community? I’m sure you have. In addition to abbreviating names, Architects have their own shorthand that can often alienate our clients and general public. Some are common sense or intuitive while others are not. Today we’d like to translate some for you. We can’t address all the jargon architects like to use or get into the distinction between cement and concrete. That’s a discussion for another post. This list is just the tip of the iceberg, comment the ones we missed!

AFF – Above Finished Floor

BIM – Building Information Model (Revit is an example)

CIP – Cast in Place

CJ – Control Joint

DBL – Double

DEMO – Demolished

DWG – Drawing

CAD – Can refer to the drafting software AutoCAD or drafting in general

FEC – Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

GWB – Gypsum Wall Board (Drywall)

OSE – Office of the State Engineers

RCP – Reflected Ceiling Plan

RD – Roof Drain

RFP – Request for Proposal or Request for Pricing (depending on the context, phase of project is a pretty good indicator)

T&G – Tongue & Groove

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  1. BOD: Basis of Design, FF&E: Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment, OPR: Owner Project Requirements, PIC: Principle in Charge, RD: Record Drawings,
    RFI: Request for Information. I have 4 pages of TLA’s, how many would you like?

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