AIA South Dakota Advocacy Priorities

South Dakota’s 2021 Legislative Session began last week on Tuesday, January 12th with the State of the State Address address by Governor Kristi Noem. See below for the state address in its entirety as Governor Noem reports on the current condition of the state and outlines her priorities for this upcoming year.

As the 2021 session moves forward, the AIA South Dakota Advocacy committee is dedicated to working with our legislators on design related issues that affect the future of the architectural profession and the health, safety, and welfare of the communities we design for. The following five priorities outline AIA South Dakota’s currently adopted stances.

AIA South Dakota is pro-business

We support license portability for architects seeking work in South Dakota. We work with the Board of Technical Professions, other professional organizations, and chambers of commerce to create a welcoming environment for practicing architecture in South Dakota that protects the health and safety of South Dakotans.

AIA South Dakota supports the enforcement of codified laws

We support the South Dakota Board of Technical Professions in strictly enforcing practice and licensure laws within the state. We are deeply committed to prosecuting unlicensed practitioners, in order to protect the health and safety of South Dakotans.

AIA South Dakota is pro-school safety

We acknowledge that school design must adapt to differing and evolving community concerns, support student health and safety, and create productive learning environments. We will lead efforts at the local and state levels of government to update school design guidelines in order to promote the health and safety of South Dakota’s students.

AIA South Dakota is pro-resilience

We view building resilience and performance as intrinsically linked; high-performance buildings conserve shared natural resources, while also being better prepared to survive natural disasters and seasonal weather impacts. We advocate for policies, programs, and incentives that promote healthy, resilient buildings and communities for all South Dakotans.

AIA South Dakota is pro-licensure

We understand that the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) plays a supremely important role in creating and maintaining viable and equitable paths to licensure for architects who protect the health and safety of South Dakotans. We will collaborate with NCARB in the adoption of legislative standards for licensing and the South Dakota Board of Technical Professions for implementation and management.

For more information on the 2021 South Dakota Legislative Session, click link below:

South Dakota Legislature

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