SDSU DoArch’s PH01:BRK featured in ARCHITECT Magazine

In case you haven’t seen it yet in your monthly issue of ARCHITECT magazine (which all AIA members should receive), make sure you check out some of the project features – one may be a bit more recognizable than the others, as it comes straight out of Brookings. SDSU’s first Passive House studio project has been recognized in the journal of the American Institute of Architects. A big honor for our “little” state, but just a sign of the awesome thing going on at SDSU’s architecture program. As this blog asserted at its genesis, we are doing great things in the state. Find the project feature in your copy of ARCHITECT or check out the digital version here.

If you didn’t already know, the project was also featured on earlier this year. You can check out that link here.

You can also check out this blog’s own feature of the award winning project here.

Congratulations to Robert Arlt, Charles MacBride, SDSU DoArch, and all the students who were involved in the design and documentation of the exquisite project.

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