The AIA is leading the built-environment response to the pandemic.

As member Architects or members of the general public, it’s understandable to question “what are my dues paying for?” and “what does the AIA do for us, anyway?” There are detailed responses to those questions, of course, but right now it’s easiest to just present some tangible evidence of the value of this organization.

In the weeks and months since quarantines were enforced (and now begin to relax), the AIA has published a series of reports and tools for professionals, owners and facility managers to better plan for reopening. The tools also offer strategies to improve health, safety and welfare of building occupants for the long term in the event that outbreaks such as this become more commonplace.

These planning tools range from the general down to building-type specific to address the unique needs of schools, offices and retail spaces. In this time of crisis, I can’t help but be impressed with how the AIA has stepped up and proven its worth as an essential service to architects and the public at large.

example classroom diagram from the AIA report on Strategies for Safer Schools

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