Input Needed : SD Architect Collects Data About Architecture & Social Distancing

A South Dakota architect in Yankton, Sarah Mannes Homstad is conducting a study during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study is in response to the evolving needs of our communities and questions about what it means, architecturally-speaking, to inhabit our world today. Mannes Homstad asked herself the following questions:  What is changing about the way we occupy our homes, workplaces, and communities? How will we live and work differently when the worst of this is over? The design world is accustomed to responding to major events (think 9-11, the Northridge Earthquake, and Hurricane Katrina) but we also try to lead the way forward by constantly thinking of new ways to use our design expertise to improve people’s lives and livelihoods. What would make our houses, businesses, and cities more resilient in the future? What will our next houses and apartment complexes look like? Our next schools and sports facilities? Our next hair salons and restaurants?

Sarah has put together a 5-minute survey (at the bottom of this article) about the impact of social distancing on how you experience your home and workplace and she needs your input! According to Sarah, “The results have the potential to be very helpful to architects as we consider what types of design services our communities need from us. The survey is completely anonymous, and you are encouraged not to provide any identifiable details when prompted to share your additional thoughts. I’d really like to understand how architects can respond to people’s changing needs, both at home and at work.”

We hope you take the time to answer this quick survey and plan to share results with you, our readers. Thank you and stay well.

CLICK HERE to take the Survey. Thank you for your cooperation!

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  1. I have always invested in bright colors and vintage furniture because it makes me feel happy within my home! This isolation has made me think more about the designs of my comfy clothes. Natural materials are everything!

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