An Artistic Antidote to Self-Isolation

At the present moment, many individuals find themselves confined to their homes, in a collective effort to stem the spread of COVID-19 throughout their communities.  As undeniably important as this strategy is, it poses the risk of engendering an acute sense of restlessness and irritability, especially as time goes on.  To counter this tendency, you are encouraged to visit the attached link, wherein Google has compiled the collections of over 500 artistic institutions.  So, whether you’re conducting business from your couch and need a break, or lamenting your untimely-cancelled travel plans, allow yourself the opportunity to virtually leave your home, and enjoy the fruits of our shared creative expression. 

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  1. Oh, how fun! Thank you for sharing Jacob! I can’t wait to explore this. In a slightly different fashion, a few years ago The Met made a bunch of their artwork and images of artwork (sculpture, etc.) public domain. You can download high resolution images and do anything you want with them without infringing on rights. I have a few things I have been meaning to try with some, but I just haven’t done it. I promise I won’t make coffee mugs, but you could if you wanted to.

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