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Happy November! The cold temps are truly upon is as we’ve seen this past week, and for me that gets me inwardly focused on my house as I get it buttoned up and ready for winter. Fall is my favorite time to look through one of my favorite magazines – This Old House. Recently I was (pleasantly) surprised to see a feature that mentions our illustrious trade. Check it out at the link below.


It’s unique to see a more popular-culture take on the reasons for hiring an architect, especially on the residential side of the profession, where it isn’t always required. I for one appreciate that only of the half a dozen or so reasons to hire an architect, “because the local building officials require it” is only one reason. I also appreciate the distinctions between what an architect can offer vs. what a builder offers, as well as the attempt to manage the client’s expectations through the process.

The AIA has been pushing a similar campaign in recent years and the mantra has become ubiquitous almost to the point of being superfluous (a quick google search shows numerous chapters pushing the same info – example of AIA DC here: https://www.aiadc.com/page/why-hire-architect ). While its important that we do advocate for what we do, the value we provide, etc. etc. etc., sometimes it better for the general public to hear it from someone else.

Share your thoughts on the article in the comments section below, and enjoy a picture of the front stoop of my house. Stay warm out there!

The snow came too soon, before the patio furniture could be put away…

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