Architects in pop culture

Feeding my fascination with how the profession intersects with pop-culture, here is some light content from Architectural Digest, regarding how the profession (and related fields) are portrayed in TV & film (and if the characters are any good at what they do).

I only caught one episode of “How I Met Your Mother” during its run.  In that episode, Mosby mentions the architecture school he went to – which was completely made up.  They lost me there – I never watched the show again.

I think that the most realistic portrayal of an Architect was by my secret/not-so-secret BFF Tom Hanks as Sam Baldwin in Sleepless in Seattle.  I remember a scene where he is actually on site during construction talking about an owner requested change and the implications this entails (the cabinets have to be redone).

Anyway, a little light reading for you Monday morning, to go along with the pumpkin-spice latte you are drinking.  What are your favorite or not-so-favorite portrayals of architects and designers in pop culture? Leave a comment below, explaining why.

AD article linked below for your convenience.

Was The Brady Bunch’s Mr. Brady Actually a Good Architect?


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  1. I’m not an architect, but I always liked how they portrayed the design/build process in Wall Street with Daryl Hannah when she does Bud’s penthouse.

  2. Even though I found Ted Mosby insufferable, some of the issues the show had him face were super relatable – like when and why he leaves the big firm and goes out on his own, how he deals with a visually offensive design, etc.

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