A map of every building

Due to some technical difficulties earlier in the week, I am behind on my duties as blog host to have something lined up at the beginning of the week.  That said, there is a lot of great content on the way (I promise), so stay tuned.

For today, I urge you to take some time to read this New York Times article and engage with the interactive map that accompanies it.  It is an interesting article that begins to address how we conceptualize spaces, how geological features inform urban design, and how culture can inform how we develop land.  If that doesn’t interest, just play around with the map for a while – find your house, or your office, or whatever.  Happy Wednesday.

A Map of Every Building in America



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  1. I saw a story about this on Saturday and tried to buy a paper while traveling in Chicago, but they were all sold out! This is incredible!

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